Monday, May 16, 2011

The Slow Black Holocaust

      I just finished reading assigned material for my politics class.  The book was Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt.  Adolf Eichmann was a Nazi bureaucrat that was responsible for the transportation of trainloads of Jews to extermination camps.  Arendt relates how it was possible for millions of people to be led to their death with virtually no resistance...with the help of other Jews.
      German manpower would have been drained if they were solely responsible for administrative and police work.  The Nazis would give enormous powers to locally recognized Jewish leaders-until they, too, were deported.  These officials would compile lists of persons and their property making it easier for all assets to be seized to defray the expenses of their own deportation.  They even distributed the yellow star armbands used to distinguish Jews.  The victims had no idea they were to be executed in mass.  How could they?  They followed orders.  They were lead to believe that this was political protocol.  And their officials chose to bear the secret to prevent panic.  It was a "humane" consideration because "living in the expectation of death by gassing would only be harder."
      This makes me think about current times and the slow death and annihilation of my people.  Black Americans.  African Americans.  Ethnic Minorities.  Are we being lead to our death by those who have been given enormous power and influence?  Recognized officials or celebrities who are enabled to mold the mentality of the masses to conform to our own destruction.  Our culture, better yet, sub-culture encourages self hate and genocide.  Besides the occasional unwarranted police murder, WE kill US.
      One obvious way is through drugs.  Crack established those privy to enterprise to be highly benefited.  The compensation for distribution is great and the return business is virtually a daily transaction for the life of the user.  The dealer becomes locally known and may even obtain national fame.  The protection of his business is based on fear through violence.  A rival firm may not infringe upon his market.  Those with ideas of robbery must be conscious that the risk will always exceed the reward.  Men are killed. Collateral damage is inevitable.  Family structures deteriorate in EVERY metropolitan city in America.  That has to be a plan!!  And then those dealers will all meet their end as well.
      What about an even less apparent mean of betrayal?  Pop culture.  The white-washed and highly exploitative version of hip-hop music.  Once again, there is an offer of power to any and all who choose to accept a role.  More money, more recognition to the most destructive.  Now the mind may be infiltrated visually and audibly to guide the people to their destruction.  There are hardly any well received records that promote education, individuality, consciousness, self-awareness, responsibility, growth, maturity, virtue, or community.  The airwaves are berated with infectious bass lines akin to drums from the motherland being ridden by melodies that expand our experience with rhythm and rhyme with every line, yet there is a dark undertone.  Each song promotes a separation of generations and inhibits the passing of knowledge through the youth.  It also encourages self destructive behaviors such as excessive drinking, unprotected and loveless sex, gang banging, and the use of narcotics.  We BUY this.  We romanticize violence, machismo, and arrogance.  We condone women to be promiscuous, under the guise of sexual independence or liberation. No armbands need to be passed out.  Armbands can be removed but you can be easily identified by the tattoos on your face.  Please, tattoo your face and forever be unable to assimilate as one of those not required to be gassed.  We celebrate their shock value and make it our value system.  Music now determines what possessions a suitable mate requires.  Quality of character is ridiculed and deviance is applauded.
      Money has the personality, not the person.  Every decision an artist will make is motivated by whether or not he will profit, so how can they reeeeally be for the people?  They cant be.  The people with the money can then choose what messages shall be widely spread and pay those artists who do not mind making the songs that will satisfy an agenda so sinister it is alomst impossible to believe.  The key is for us to recognize that we should not be led without full disclosure.  We can not continue to allow the death of our people to be facilitated by our own people.  Check the statistics. Since 1980 California averaged between 5-10 murders a day.  Imagine how many of those derive from conditions of poverty that our wealthy officials are so eager to forget but not fix. Imagine how many minorities make up the majority of those murders in EVERY state.  Those are Holocaust numbers.

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  1. This is an excellent piece! I often think of how influential us Black Americans can be on societal issues within our communities if we all pulled together.